How to solve the problems with X86/X64 OS.

Mar 20, 2012 at 9:23 AM

Dear all,

In the past year I had no time or need to spend more time on this project. As I didn't found any support from the community, I kind of abandoned this project. For all of you who are experiencing problems using this plugin on X86 machines, you should know that is sufficient to unpack the executable by WinRar or 7Zip and then install it manually. When I created the installation procedure I was not satisfied that it shipped in several files and instead of simply zipping the file I used a tool that I do not remember the name (however MS tool). It seems that as this content was generated on X64 machine and I didn't indicated to the procedure any other parameter, it created the executable that runs only on X64 machines. To overcome this situation (if on X86 SO), simply extract that file manually and run the installation procedure. 

For what concerns Visio X64, initially I had no possibilities to test it on that platform. However this morning I manage to try it and it work without any problems.

In the following weeks I will try to improve a bit this project and to make it simpler for installation.

Some of you complained about the signature certifications, I did't encountered any problems, and if you need you can always download the source code and compile a new version with a new signature key. It's not a simple task, however also not impossible to achieve.


If any, please post on this forum.



Mario Majcica